Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing can mean many different things to different companies and even agencies.  For us at Search Exchange, it means building out a strategy that will build your reputation with consumers and provide content for future customers to consume and trust your company over your competition.

Content Creation

Understanding your customers and how they find interact with your brand is key to increasing your revenue.  We sit down and discuss your ICP (ideal customer profile) which allows us to find content gaps in your existing architecture.  Whether its website content, outside publications, or distributing your content on other sites for customers, content creation is a key long term growth strategy that should not be ignored.

Content Distribution

After working with your product managers to fully understand the products and services you offer and after the content production has taken place, we now fall into a content distribution stage.  This stage is critical for multiple reasons.  The first is to publicize your service and products that come face to face with your company.  The second reason is that content distribution for any size business is critical to achieve exposure which in turn produces organic rankings visibility.  Media publications link back to your site and assets which increase your online rankings.

Website Asset Creation

White papers, PDF’s, videos, and others, are assets that are needed to generate leads.  At Search Exchange we’ve built out assets and content that allows us to peak the interest of our ICPs.  These assets that are created are used on paid advertising platforms to drive interest and generate form fills.

Videos, Podcast, Social Content

Content creation doesn’t just have to be written assets.  It can also be in the form of video production, podcast, and other social media creation.  Its 2022.  You have to take a multi-channel approach because consumers consume content in many different ways.  You might only reach 25% of your audience if you only focus on one form of content marketing.