Paid Media

Paid Media Services

Paid media advertising encompasses multiple platforms.  Google Search Ads for example is the most popular.  Paid media provides immediate traffic to your site.  The key to paid media however lies in the quality of traffic.  Your quality comes from those sources, such as where. your ads are displayed (which sites), how your ad resonates with the user, and how your landing pages convert those users into leads or customers.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads is a form of pay per click advertising.  If you’re skipping Google, you’re missing out on significant amounts of traffic as Google search accounts for close to 90% of searches conducted online.

Google Search Ads can be quite difficult to setup depending on how many campaigns need to be set up.  This is dependent upon the amount of services or products you intend to sell.  PPC advertising optimization involves conducting a/b testing on ads, landing pages, calls to action within your ads, and much more.

Search Exchange is a Google certified company and we can help guide your through all of Google Search to raise your presence online.

Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms used for ABM, or account based marketing.  If you have your target market, know who your ICP (ideal customer profile) is, then you can utilize Linkedin’s targeting capabilities to drive massive engagement and conversions.

There are multiple ad types you can run based on your goal.  Website visits, lead generation, and more.  Conversation ads is one of the most cost effective ad types and we’ve seen great success in lowering the the total cost per acquisition upon launch.